Elmley through the Seasons

At over 3000 acres, Elmley National Nature Reserve on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, is Southern England’s largest area of coastal grazing marsh. A haven for wildlife and with huge ever-changing skies, Elmley is a very special place indeed and a site I have had a close association with for over 20 years.

In that time I have sat in tiny wooden hides surrounded by grazing wigeon, watched a hare swim across a flooded ditch, admired skeins of geese as they make their way to their feeding grounds on a misty dawn and mesmerised by the speed of a plummeting peregrine onto an unsuspecting teal.

I have put this slideshow together in the hope of transporting you, the viewer, to the marshes and to give you the very real feeling of actually being there which is something, I feel, impossible to do with single stand-alone images. Aside from images dissolving from one to another I have included the sounds of its wildlife, appropriate to the season, and used Ralph Vaughan Williams’ composition ”In the fen country” as the backing track as this depicts the mood perfectly.

I do hope you enjoy this and that it stirs your soul as it does mine with every visit to the Isle of Elms.