Nikon’s N-Photo magazine front cover

I am very pleased that my image of a bluebell wood at sunrise was chosen for the current issue of Nikon’s N-Photo magazine. As well as this, it is also displayed (almost) double page in the same issue as well as featuring in Country Living and Wild Britain.

Nikon N-Photo magazine

Nikon N-Photo magazine

And, as Nikon N-Photo’s cover photo on their Facebook page.

Nikon N-Photo on facebook

Nikon N-Photo on facebook

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More social interaction

Aside from here and facebook, I can now be followed on twitter. I have linked it to my wildlife photography facebook page and so postings will be identical though, due to twitter’s interface, there will be occasions when I’ll post my thoughts/comments on twitter as opposed to facebook. So, if you are already a user of twitter or have been thinking about using it, perhaps you’d like to follow me. Just click on the icon to take you to my twitter page.

The more followers I get, the more regular the postings!

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Well, I don’t need to tell you what a dreary February it’s been! And so, as a result, it hasn’t been the most productive month in terms of taking pictures. Hides are in position and hares on the marshes will have started doing what they do best….running and boxing, but, the light is so darn awful! It has, however, given me the chance to catch up with all image processing and agency submissions which in turn should (hopefully) free up my time over the next month or so to concentrate on taking pictures. Here are a selection taken earlier in the month when the weather was more favourable.

Those of you that follow me on facebook (that’s where you will get my latest news on projects and workshops) will know that for the last month or so I have been attempting to photograph barn owls. A permanent wooden hide is in position and so far my efforts haven’t been rewarded as much as I would like. Activity at present is quite sporadic so I’m hoping that with the possibility of young to feed in late spring and summer, I’ll have stronger pictures to show here. 

Lapwing numbers are incredibly high at the moment reaching several thousand strong on the marshes. Courtship displays have already begun and once again I am sure I will endeavour to record this aspect of their lives. Due to all the rain, breeding condititions are good too with lots of pools and flooded areas throughout the area.

Northern Lapwings in flight

northern lapwing

Lapwings will take to the air and form long, tightly packed flocks, gradually gaining altitude if approached by a bird of prey such as a marsh harrier or peregrine falcon.


Shortly after sunrise on a perfectly calm, misty morning, I began shooting general views and close-ups of a reedbed.

A small pool behind provided a clean backdrop.

In order to retain detail in the highlights and obtain a high contrast, graphic image, I exposed for the background then stopped down 1 1/2 stops.

All these reed images were taken hand-holding a 300mm f2.8 lens, something I don't often do when photographing plants as I prefer to use a tripod. But, due to their location, rapidly changing light and the fact I could activate the vr, I was confident of securing sharp images.

On the way back I noticed a pair of swans and lay on the ground with the 300mm f2.8 resting on a beanbag. It was still quite misty which not only injected atmosphere into the scene but cut down the overall contrast.

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Thursday, February 24th, 2011 Notes from the field 1 Comment


As of today, you can now catch up with my wanderings on Facebook. This will not replace the Blog but simply be day to day chat, images as they happen and well, you know, Facebook stuff!

I’m under Robert Canis Photography so I look forward to catching up with some of you there.   

robert canis in his photography hide on elmley marshes

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