magpie ink cap

Wet morning

A particularly wet morning was spent today photographing fungi. I visited a favourite location of mine in mid Kent where I am usually able to find a wealth of subject matter. From the moment I stepped out of the car to the moment I got back inside, it was pouring down. I don’t care who you are, there is very little fun to be had setting up a tripod, composing the scene and positioning reflectors, when water’s running down your back! I always carry a small umbrella, particularly at this time of the year, and it proved jolly handy in keeping me and the equipment reasonably dry. Though as I look at my camera bag right now it is still sodden.

magpie ink-cap fungus

Magpie ink-cap

With the rainy weather we have been experiencing of late here in the south east, many species have been and gone but new generations always reappear. I walked a short while to a spot where the previous year there had been a good showing of magpie ink-caps and there they were. At least half a dozen, each in different stages of growth. Across the glade, several shaggy parasols were emerging and under a group of yew, fly agarics.

fly agaric

Nikon D2x, 200mm with PN11 extension tube, iso 200, 1 sec. f5.6, manfrotto tripod, right-angle finder, 2 reflectors, wet knees.

There were other species too that I didn’t bother with, partly because I had already shot them in more favourable weather and in better condition and also because they would have to look damn good if I was to get even more soaked! I’ll be returning frequently over the next few weeks as I will be leading two photography workshops, one of which still has spaces available.

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