1. Twilight image spread

    At, approximately, the same time as I was notified of my highly commended entry in Asferico for my helleborine at twilight image, I received a request from the technique editor of Digital Camera magazine. They were looking for an alternative perspective of what must surely be our most photographed wildflower and asked whether they could licence my image of bluebells at twilight and if I wouldn’t mind saying a few words on how the image was created. The spread appears in the latest issue but should you wish to read it, I have included it below. Just click the image to open the PDF.


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  2. Buzzard photography article

    Last week my fourth and final (for the time being at least!) Photo Insight article for Amateur Photographer magazine was published covering a self-assigned project to photograph wild common buzzards, in winter, here on the North Downs in Kent. As you will see, I went to considerable lengths to increase my chances of success but the results more than made up for the hard work and discomfort endured. Of all the projects I have undertaken, this was certainly the toughest but without question the most satisfying.

    To read the article click on the image below.

    Towards the end of the piece you will notice a small mistake by APs editorial department in which they state that buzzards roost in their nest (not mentioned in the original copy) which is rarely, if ever, the case since their nests offer little protection against the elements and their wintering feeding grounds are very often many miles away and in some cases in different parts of the country to where they breed.

    Also, four years ago I wrote an extensive blog post on this project which includes additional images and a short video of the buzzard feeding which you can see here.


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