1. New ebook

    Several years ago I produced an ebook, with a difference, titled The Backstory: Creative Close-Ups. This came about as a result of noticing that there were more than enough ‘how to’ books to satisfy the demands of wildlife and landscape photographers but very few, if any, dealing with the process leading up to the making of the image. I also found that through leading hundreds of workshops there were two things that most photographers wanted to know, which is – how and why did YOU take that photograph? In the ebook I described, in detail, the story behind each image, revealing both the technique and thought process that led up to it with the latter, I firmly believe, being the key ingredient in producing creative and memorable photographs. Four years on, and I have produced another in the same vein, this time dealing with landscapes.

    Landscape photography ebookAdobe Acrobat PDF document
    17 case studies
    20 high-resolution images
    22 pages. £4.50 + VAT

    Purchase here

    Creative Close-Ups has been revised and there are 3 new case studies. 

    Purchase Landscapes and Creative Close-Ups in the same visit, and receive a free copy of Autumn in Finnish Lapland, which includes a comprehensive guide to photographing the northern lights. 

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  2. New ebook

    Ruska – Revontulet: Autumn in Finnish Lapland
    (How to Photograph the Northern Lights)

    I’ve just published a new ebook which can be purchased through my website. Although this will be my second, this is my first on a specific region and it is something I have wanted to do for quite some time. Infact, the title came long before the book! Some of you will already be aware of my numerous visits to Finnish Lapland through the tours that I run and my own personal adventures and so I thought it would be a nice idea to produce a Monograph containing my very best photographs from this stunning part of the world.


    Comprising of 70 high resolution images and concluding with a detailed How to Photograph the Northern Lights section, this ebook contains invaluable tips and advice accumulated from innumerable hours of photographing the aurora borealis. For all those planning to venture to the far north (or south) in search of one of nature’s greatest spectacles or simply those who wish to have a clearer understanding of capturing our own night sky, this is sure to help you along your way.

    layout-6Adobe Acrobat PDF document.
    70 high resolution images (50 MB)
    63 pages. £4.99 + VAT

    Purchase here

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