1. Tutorial Part 2

    My second Lightroom tutorial can now be seen on YouTube, here.

    In this one, I look at one of Lightroom’s most useful features, the Graduated Filter tool. From darkening the sky to reducing brightness in woodland scenes, it’s a tool I use more than any other and one which all Lightroom users, I feel, should be confident in using.

    It’s likely I shall be doing others so if you’ve enjoyed the last two then you might wish to consider subscribing to my channel. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

    From this…

    to this…

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  2. Website gallery

    Trawling through a photographer’s numerous galleries, on their website, can be a tiresome business with many categorised by subject. I include my own in this as I see no other way of displaying the range of subject matter that I have captured over the last 30 or so years. Gosh, I sound old! Therefore, to go some way in alleviating this I’ve added a Showcase gallery which does as it says on the tin. it’s a selection of my personal favourites which, no doubt, over the coming months and years I’ll delete or add new images but for now, this’ll do. So, should you have time, are bored, or just a little bit interested, then please click here.

    Moonrise, Elmley

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  3. Wet and Wild Wetland

    Just over a week ago I paid a visit to my ‘second home’ (though my partner would argue it’s my first!), a substantial area of marsh in north Kent less than ten minutes drive away. The forecast was for wind and rain with outbreaks of sunshine which, for photographers, is a dream combination since such dynamic conditions can yield a wide range of images. The ‘action’ was all encompassing where, no matter where I looked, dramatic rain-filled clouds filled the sky.

    Below are a selection of images from that afternoon and evening. It certainly kept me on my toes!

    There are times when you just have to put up with the curvature resulting from a fish-eye lens!

    Shortly after the above image the heavens opened and from the sanctuary of my car took the image, below, through the windscreen as the rain battered down onto it. I deliberately focused on the windscreen and de-saturated In LR to emphasise the dire conditions.



    Oak and cow parsely

    Oak and cow parsley



    Receding rain clouds and rainbow at sunset

    Receding rain clouds and rainbow at sunset




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