1. Slideshow

    In an earlier post I discussed the book I have produced on my year-long project – One. To accompany it I’ve made an audio-visual slideshow. Although time-consuming I have to say I really enjoy putting such sequences together. Standalone images are all well and good but don’t compare, in my opinion, to seeing photographs blending into one another against a backdrop of appropriate music. I hope you enjoy it, and for a little under seven minutes are transported to my little wood, in north Kent.

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  2. Transient

    All photographers study light for that is what we do, and there is no better place and time to do this than along a woodland ride during the final rays of the day. The light is transient. One moment it’s perfectly backlighting a leaf and the next….gone! Following a heavy shower and with skies clearing I spent an hour in my local wood. In such situations you have to work quickly and intuitively. Think too much and you lose that essence of spontaneity. Your images become too crafted. Too perfect.

    All were taken hand-held using a Nikon D810 and a rather antiquated manual-focus 105mm Micro-Nikkor.

    Autumn is fast approaching. Mushrooms (particularly Boletus sp.) are to be found throughout the wood and ferns are rapidly changing colour. There is a feeling of autumn that is hard to put into words. Perhaps it’s the slight chill in the air or the blackberries that are now present. Either way, I’m already looking forward.

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