1. Tutorial Part 2

    My second Lightroom tutorial can now be seen on YouTube, here.

    In this one, I look at one of Lightroom’s most useful features, the Graduated Filter tool. From darkening the sky to reducing brightness in woodland scenes, it’s a tool I use more than any other and one which all Lightroom users, I feel, should be confident in using.

    It’s likely I shall be doing others so if you’ve enjoyed the last two then you might wish to consider subscribing to my channel. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

    From this…

    to this…

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  2. Online Lightroom tutorial

    A couple of days ago I published a screen-recorded Lightroom processing tutorial onto YouTube. It may just be a one-off, or it could become a semi-regular feature. I’m undecided. I process a single image MY way. That is to say, it is not a definitive ‘how to’, but is how I, as a professional nature photographer, work within the digital-darkroom. And, in any case, I don’t believe there is a ‘correct’ way to process a photograph since we all have very different ways in which we wish to interpret the scene in post-production.

    To ascertain interest I initially had it set up as an Unlisted video and only alerted my newsletter subscribers, but such was the positive feedback that I have now made it public. You can watch the tutorial here.

    I may well be doing others so if you enjoy this one it might be worth considering subscribing to my channel.

    From this…

    to this…

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  3. Trail-Cam footage

    I have, for some time, been looking at purchasing a trail-cam in order for me to get a clearer understanding of the movements of my local badgers when, a short while ago, I was contacted by someone asking if I had experience in using them and was told of a model they were looking at purchasing which I then looked into. I didn’t want an expensive unit but, on the other hand, needed one giving good resolution and to have some useful features including time lapse and a sleeper mode enabling it to be left in position for extended periods without recharging.

    And so, with spring upon us, I delayed no further and purchased the Acorn LTL After a little “playing” and getting acquainted with the various settings, I positioned it next to a badger path, 3 days ago, that leads to a badger gate. The local wildlife, however, prefers to use the hole in the fence next to it, instead! Who wouldn’t?! The cam has a very useful tripod attachment screw so I used a small clamp attaching it to a branch approximately 3 feet away from the gate which I then left for 2 days. As it’s weatherproof, I didn’t have any concerns regarding the weather. Upon inspecting the footage on the unit’s screen, I could see that, aside from rabbits, a blackbird, squirrel and dunnock, a fox was also captured.  However, this beats the lot! A badger collecting bedding which is, exactly, the kind of footage I was hoping for. Please watch to the end as you’ll see it return for the rest of the bedding and, also, ignore the date.

    And, of the fox

    I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun with this over the coming months and, of course, the results will be shown here.

    Footage from last night. I’ve been watching over this same sett, here in North Kent, for 25 years and have always wondered what time they arrive back from their nightly wanderings. With 22 triggers (night of 1st and morning of 2nd April), I now know! First emergence 20.30 and return 06.00….approximately! Of course, this varies on the season, but at least it gives me a better idea.

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