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Set in the very heart of Italy, Umbria is a relatively undiscovered region which, as a result, retains much of its old-world charm. With its steep wooded valleys, flower-rich meadows, and remote upland villages, Umbria plays host to some of Europe’s most captivating scenery. Within this region lies one of Italy’s newest national Parks – the Monti Sibillini, and it is here that in the summer of 2016 I spent a week photographing one of nature’s finest displays – “The Fioritura,” or The Flowering. For a short period, the plains of Piano Grande, Piano Perduto and Piano Piccolo, which are farmed to produce lentils, are ablaze with a mosaic of wildflowers which include poppy, bugloss, vetch, mustard and cornflower. Surrounded by the Sibillini mountains, and dominated by the 2476m high Mount Vettore it is a sight to behold!