Photographic lectures from Robert Canis


Guest speaker at the Scottish Nature Photography Festival 2017

A much sought after public speaker, Robert has given literally hundreds of illustrated talks over the last 20 years to all manner of groups and societies throughout England. Passionate and enthusiastic, his presentations feature images taken both locally in his home county of Kent and overseas. With more than 30 years experience under his belt, his talks give an insight into the mind and working methods of a professional nature photographer. Innumerable tips on equipment and technique are heavily featured as well as the thought process that lay behind creating his award-winning images. Robert's talks will captivate and inspire.

Illustrated with digital images, each talk can be easily tailored to fit in with the format of your evening or afternoon to last from 60 to 90 minutes, the latter with a mid-way break.

  • Passion Projects: From a walk on the beach to a year in a local woodland, projects - whether long or short - are a great means of focusing one's attention on a specific species, habitat or technique.
  • North Kent to Northern Finland: Badgers, bears, owls and auroras.
  • Nature in Miniature: Macro and Creative Close-Ups.
  • Best of the Year...or Two! A selection of Robert's personal favourites taken over the last 12-24 months.

Combined Workshop and Lecture

Distance (and the resulting fee) can very often be a stumbling block when considering a speaker that lives many miles away. In order to overcome this you might wish to consider combining a daytime workshop with an evening lecture or even visa versa. Colourful woodlands in autumn or a dramatic sweep of coastline are sure to be known by some of your members who you feel may well benefit from a half-day workshop with a professional landscape and wildlife photographer.


“That was an amazing presentation which was so enjoyed by our members. I have always been inspired on every occasion you have spoken and admire your ongoing motivation and enthusiasm for photography. To continue to take the path of individuality, and to swim against the tide of normality, to set a trend takes courage and a confidence that so many of us should aspire to.”
Melanie Chalk (Dynamic Range Photography Group)

“That was without doubt the best photography evening I have ever spent. To have a professional prepared not only to show images but also to talk about tools and techniques in detail was invaluable.”
Peter Jillians (Natural History Group of the Horsham PS)

“Nothing good comes easy as they say, and you prove this time and time again with outstanding images which can only be achieved by making the sacrifices you do. Braving the elements, getting to locations before the crack of dawn, thorough research and technical expertise are clearly fundamental requirements for any photographer wishing to get anywhere near close to what you produce.”
Peter White (Gravesend CC)


Aside from giving talks, Robert is occasionally asked to judge photography competitions. He was once, himself, a camera club member and so fully appreciates how important it is to be on the one hand critical, but on the other, to give constructive and helpful advice as he always keeps in mind that there is very likely to be a budding photographer out there entering his or hers first competition. It's incredibly important, he feels, to avoid knocking the confidence out of a promising individual, something he himself has witnessed and, indeed, when much younger, was on the end of!


“I just wanted to say how inspirational your judging was at the club last night. It's been a long time since I witnessed a judge (at our club) not scared to say when a print wasn't quite up to scratch. If only that horse’s mouth was four inches above the stable door! How will we all learn and improve our skills if we are not criticised. What a breath of fresh air your comments were, real technical help, constructive and 'colourful ' advice which made me want to come home and do better!”
Jennifer (Gateway CC)