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  • Lee FiltersUnparalleled in the photographic industry, Robert has been using Lee Filters for many years. Produced to exacting standards they not only supply Robert with filters for his own, personal work but have given him several kits for his clients to use while attending his workshops.
  • Think TankWhen travelling overseas where he regularly encounters strict carry-on regulations, Robert chooses between two Think Tank bags - The Airport Accelerator and smaller Airport Essentials. Built to the highest standards - minimal fuss, ruggedness and style are at the forefront of Think Tank's design.
  • Wimberley Flash BracketsAlthough Wimberley are best known for their gimbal tripod heads they also produce flash brackets for close-up photography. Robert uses the F-2 Macro Bracket which, with the Module 8 M-8 Perpendicular Plate attached, permits easy fitting onto the camera's Arca Swiss style quick-release plate. Superbly engineered, the articulating arm on this bracket is comprised of two double ball and socket links that lock positively and offer a great range of flash positions.
  • Storm Jacket Camera CoversMany covers are fiddly and impractical especially when the camera's attached to a tripod. Storm Jacket's are simple to use and made of high quality material. Robert uses both the Pro Medium and Large for his photography when shooting in rain and snow - or in any weather where protection of his camera equipment is required.
  • Coast TorchesThere are times when Robert requires the use of a torch not just for night time 'light-painting' but to aid focusing. Several years ago Robert began work on a project to photograph flowers at twilight. He needed a very small torch with minimal light-spill that he could focus with and switch off easily just prior to tripping the shutter. He found this in the extremely small yet bright Coast G19. Coast have supplied a number of these torches for use on his Blue Hour workshop.